Welcome to my website. Below you can find my showreel, password should be on the application form or can be acquired by contacting me at above you can find links to my contact details and CV.

Password available in provided CV and by contacting me at
To watch in HD follow the link: Click here to watch in HD on Vimeo

Animation shown is animated/Mocap edited by me. Detailed description of my involvement in each of the projects in order of appearance:

THE STRETCHERS (SWITCH) (MAYA, UNREAL) Defining animation style as main animator in the project. Full animation pipeline in a small team: skinning, rigging, character animation, cut-scene animation, cut-scene set up in engine, animation blueprints (blend trees), physics and animation blending, in engine animation re-targeting system setup, etc. Training, supervising and working with other animators.

TEARAWAY unfolded (PS4) (3DS MAX, PROPRIETARY MEDIA MOLECULE ENGINE) Cutscenes from storyboard to integration, gameplay, scripted sequence character animations, engine implementation.

LITTLE NIGHTMARES (PC, PS4, XBOXONE) (MAYA, UNREAL) Animating characters, prototyping and setting up their behaviors in engine.

EMBARK PROTOTYPING (UNANNOUNCED) (MAYA, MOTION BUILDER, XSENSE MoCap Suite, MANUS VR) Character in game animation, Cutscene animation, MoCap set up (planning, recording, re-targeting, cleaning up) Animation logic, blending and implementation in engine. Prototyping and designing character movement and abilities: skill based traversal, designing animations and their flow depending on timing, speed and obstacles.

OTHER, TRC Ent. (PLATFORMS: IPAD) (SOFTWARE: MAYA, UNITY ENGINE) Animation style, Creating biped and quadruped stylized In-game animations, cut scenes and video clips, assisting in creation of animation pipeline, engine integration.

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